Connecting people with support workers

CaringHub is the new way to connect Support Workers, Clients & Agencies.

CaringHUB is an application that provides the option for clients to book a support worker on-demand anytime, anywhere. The application alerts all available support workers within the defined proximity of their location to accept the job.

How it Works

On Demand Support Workers

Clients are able to book the nearest available support worker who provides the required services.

Browse / Schedule Support Workers

Clients are able browse support workers in our database and request services from the selected ones.

Select Required Services

Select one or more of the available services offered by qualified support workers.

Select Location

Select your current location or enter the location where services will be provided

Confirm Rate

Accept the published rate or increase rate to attract more support workers

Pay & Rate the Support Worker

Once your the services are complete simply click pay and rate your support worker.

Create an Account

Create an account now and join the CaringHub family. Your registration will be reviewed and we will let you know once your account has been activated.


  • Manage your own care
  • Connect with support workers of your choice
  • Request services anywhere, anytime
  • Connect with your paying agency
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Support Workers

  • Increase your income
  • Be your own boss
  • Choose your clients
  • Work when you want
Register as Support Worker


  • Meet new clients
  • Increase your support resources
  • Automated administration
  • Reduced staff costs
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